TANITA DC-240 MA tragbare Körper Analysewaage

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Produktbeschreibung für TANITA DC-240 MA tragbare Körper Analysewaage

The DC-240 MA offers the latest Dual Frequency Reactance BIA technology in the lightest medically approved body composition monitor, weighing just 4.7kg.

It has been developed with input from healthcare, fitness and weight management professionals and its portability makes it ideal for mobile consultations, community work or field research studies.

It displays weight, body fat %, body water % and BMI readings on the oversized, easy to read display.

When combined with our Tanita Pro software, it provides 8 additional measurements, such as muscle mass, visceral fat and basal metabolic rate.

The Tanita Pro software, allows for automatic set-up for personalised patient studies, capturing measurements and trend results in a variety of reporting formats.

Key Features
• Dual-frequency 4 electrode
• Accuracy grade: MDD Class II-a, NAWI Class III
• Lightweight, scale with essential body fat,
body water and BMI measurements
• High weight capacity 200kg
• Large, low profile platform suitable for
overweight or elderly patients
• Instant data transfer via USB port, software
• Calibrated up to 300,000 uses with automatic
calibration after each measurement

Körperfett %
Gesamtkörperwasser %
Body Mass Index

Farbe: Blau
Material: Kunststoff
Messfunktionen: Body-Mass-Index Fettanteil Gewicht Muskelmasse Wasseranteil Knochenmineralmasse Grundumsatz Stoffwechselalter Viszeralfett
Personenwaage Eigenschaften: Bioelektrische Impedanzanalyse (BIA)
Medical approved: ja
Messgenauigkeit: 100g
Datenanalyse: Display
Max. Gewicht: 200kg
Kategorie: Personenwaage
Versandgewicht:5,00 Kg
Artikelgewicht:4,70 Kg

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